Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Chris Tyler is a New York based "performance artist." I'm pretty sure I don't have to tell you that he's an asshole. 
Q. Why are you such an asshole?

A. i don’t rehearse enough.

Q. Who do you hate more: old ladies, puppies or fucking babies?

A. i like fucking babies, so I guess puppies.

Q. Why the fuck didn't you become a doctor?

A. i smoked weed one time.

Q. Does your mother know you are an asshole?

A. sort of.

Q. If you could murder a concept, what concept would it be and why?

A. Q&As*


Q. What shows do you have coming up...oh wait, I don't care so don't fucking tell me. Seriously, don't answer this question.

A. k

Q. Do you know that by being a theater artist, you are automatically an asshole? 

A. lol yah*

*NOTE FROM THE EDITOR: So...complete sentences. Not really your thing, huh?

Q. Name 3 people you know who are bigger assholes than you. Feel free to explain or not, asshole.

1. @EmrgingDirekter
2. @EmrgingPlayrite
3. ppl who unfollow @NOTCHRISTYLER

Q. Do you live in Williamsburg?

A. No

Q. Where are you from?

A. idkkk?*

*NOTE FROM THE EDITOR: Hey, thanks for barely answering the questions!

BONUS Qs, also found on the Lincoln Center Director's Lab Application:

BONUS: What's your favorite application to get rejected from every year and who at that organization is the biggest asshole?

NYTW's 2050 Fellowship*; Benjamin Coffin III.

*NOTE FROM THE EDITOR: I have been rejected every year since they started letting white people apply. It really keeps me young! 

BONUS: Do you remember where you were when they announced that Annie Baker and Rajiv Joseph were getting Steinberg Awards for being "up and coming" playwrights last year?


BONUS: What would be the first thing you would do if you got a NYIT Award?

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